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Shazam【2019】Full Movie Watch Online, Download and Stream HD instant free cast, wiki, actress on your Desktop, released in the United States on April 5, 2019. “Shazam online hd” The easiest thing to convince you to go see Shazam! I would say that when you leave the cinema you will feel exactly the same as when you saw The Goonies or Gremlins: you will feel that you have seen a perfect work of entertainment; who has adventures; that has comedy; that gives a little bit of fear; that, basically, creates a world in which you would like to live (whether or not you have superheroes, whether or not you have pirate galleons hiding out there, whether or not you have purulent bugs with crests), and that puts you in the face of a hero in which, oh, yes, sir, you would like to become (or in our case, ahem, have converted you). The problem is that if you belong to Generation Z or you’re a millennial, you’re going to look weird, but that’s very strange, either because you have not seen those two masterpieces of entertainment cinema or because you watch them on DVD (we’re thoughtful) heat of the living room of your shared flat for your subject of Analysis of the Audiovisual Discourses or History of the cinema and you do not dress them with the same eyes. We know.

So what we can say is that Shazam! It is a great story. And a story that works without the comedy and without the doses of terror (which has an amazing scene, like the scene of La Fosa in Aquaman and that gives perfect sample of the skills of David F. Sandberg) that have injected him. You buy the adventure, you buy the comedy with heart (you would like to live, you already understand me, in that host family where young Billy Batson ends up, that if you do not know the character is the teenager who becomes the superhero). Exactly the same. Although we can also tell you that it is a perfect time machine: a machine that will return you at 10 years old. That it is not turkey mucus. And if you are a child, you will be led to believe that a child can be a superhero.

Why do we dare to say (after watching the movie, eye) that it will be the best movie you will see in 2019? Do you know when someone gives you an opportunity and tells you not to be silly and take advantage of it? Well, that. They have taken the character and done exactly what they had to do with him: take what is good. If you think about it, Shazam is the perfect character: a teenager with superpowers who magically becomes an adult at will, being able, also whenever he wants, to be a child again, which is absolutely impossible in real life: We refer to being a child once you become an adult. The other you had already imagined. Well, the fact is that there was raw material to make a great movie. And they could have screwed up the tone and the casting and they have not done it.

Sure you’ve read that it’s like Big Shazam (the iconic Tom Hanks movie), but with a superhero. Not much less.

That was a movie about how adulthood is idealized. Or about wishes that are fulfilled and that perhaps should not have been fulfilled (that Shazam, without spoiling you, also has some of that in one of his back stories). This is about what power is for. And what does the concept of family mean? And, yes, that’s very The Umbrella Academy, but without the cynicism.

In addition, the character has been improved over the original, and have made it much more salable by 2019. The film is based on the comics that screenwriter Geoff Johns (who is now like Kevin Feige of the DC audiovisual division) and the cartoonist Gary Frank created in support of the regular series of the Justice League in 2011 (and, yes, we already know that the date does not matter, but as we are talking about a character that was created in 1939, it is not more than drop it). DC Comics was experimenting with a full-fledged restart, known as “52”, in which all the classic characters were renovated for a contemporary audience (the Aquaman you’ve seen on the big screen also comes from there). The result was that many of those superheroes became much darker versions.

Billy Batson / Shazam was no exception. In Johns’ stories, the young man was angry with the world at large and felt particularly manipulated, after jumping from one foster home to another. But learn to be a better person when he comes to the right family and after obtaining his magical powers in the Rock of Eternity. But above all it is the family, the sense of belonging, which makes the character gain strength. All that is in the movie. Freddy Freeman, Mary Bromfield, Eugene Choi, Pedro Peña and Darla Dudley make him a better person. And there we can read without spoiler. But keep in mind that they have not overlooked this darkness – in the good sense – of the character.

Unlike other superheroes, Shazam is a child and does not really know what has fallen on him-his first encounter with the villain, the responsibility of the powers …-. There is no rulebook, there is no spell book, it is not something that you have sought out of your own free will, or something to which you were predestined, and, literally, you discover your (installable) powers at the same time that we, the spectators Imagine if you are a child … No one tells you how to use your powers.

And neither is it a boy who disguises himself as a hero. What makes the film fun is that it allows us to accompany him on his journey to become a superhero, the champion of magic and the magician of the Rock of Eternity. We do not know everything about him, as with other heroes. What can he do, how he is a part, and why he exists and why the Rock of Eternity is there and why the magician sat there. There are many questions to explore and have fun. Or why there are seven thrones.

Reason 1: Shazam Zachary Levi is a discovery.

That an adult is able to conjure the innocence of a teenager in his interpretation seems easy, but it is tremendously difficult. Levi, who does look like a big boy, manages to transfer us his näivité, but also his ability to surprise what is found throughout the film.

If the movie works, the same thing that happens to Aquaman, exactly the same as what happens to Aquaman, is the charisma and the actor’s interpretation. Because getting you to create a superhero (or a supervillain) in a ‘family’ production is complicated. Getting it in a dark movie, like The Dark Knight, is another matter.

Reason 2: Shazam Mark Strong is very much Mark Strong.

And the same thing we say about the hero, we say about the villain. Strong plays with a vulnerable character, who is powerful, but who is very easy to stop being him and in that moment, at that precise moment, he becomes a helpless and misplaced child. Heath Ledger nails the Joker, but it is much more complicated to get ahead of a Doctor Sivana in a film that is not at all obscure (although it has a scene that makes the hair stand on end).

Reason 3: Shazam The character of Freddy.

He is the brother we would all like to have, the friend we would always like to have by our side. Our Pepito Grillo, our bigmouth and disgusted Sancho Panza

Reason 4: Do not ignore the dark parts.

If the Goonies or Gremlins worked for something, it was because they combined different genres. When there had to be comedy, there was comedy, when there had to be terror, because there was terror. Shazam !, we have already said, has a little scene that brings them into the horror genre. If you have children, they will find an excuse to never go to work.

Reason 5: Because Disney counterprogrammed the screenings of Shazam! with the trailer of Avengers Endgame, and that has to say something.